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Summer Desserts The Cake Bar Ticklebelly

Cake Bar Ticklebelly

Summer is officially here. Thank God. I was tired of this cold weather here in California. I mean we are the Sunshine State. So it was time to pick up some treats to beat the heat.


I had to do some shopping at the grocery store and I decided to head over to the dessert section of course. Like I don’t have enough sweets in my house already:).


The dessert section of the grocery store seems to be getting bigger and bigger. You have cookies, cakes, pastries, muffins, tarts, ice cream and the list goes on and on. But the Cake Bars really stood out to me.

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One reason they stood out is that they are freaking pink and I just love pink and it’s aesthetically pleasing. How can you go against those two things?


So when I got home and plopped on the couch from the exhaustion of grocery shopping (something I hate to do) I decided to open up my chilled cake bars.


To my amazement, they are really good. The outside crunch was just enough with the nice moist cake in the center. The Cake Bar brand is called Ticklebelly.


Ticklebelly crafts desserts keeping in mind the perfect portion size for you. Not too big and never too small. And always ready to be on the go. Each and every bite is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. There’s always a reason to enjoy Ticklebelly desserts.”

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I truly agree with that I would suggest these little bite-size desserts especially for your next picnic at the beach or in the park.


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