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About Me

The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love


As a child she enjoyed baking, playing her flute, photography or sketching pictures of the local scenery. Knowing how much she loved artistic things she thought that becoming a visual effects artist would be the perfect profession for her. Initially, she enjoyed the work and loved the freedom of being a freelance artist. However, as time went by she had to accept the fact that working in visual effects was no longer nourishing her creative soul. And that’s how Captured Desserts was born. An artists with a culinary flair.


Alicia has always had a sweet tooth and has enjoyed her share of desserts along the way, from far away lands to local creations from her Grandma’s Kitchen. Alicia just loves the fact that desserts are basically the last few notes of a beautiful meal. The crescendo to a beautiful evening with friends. Dessert comforts you and brings a smile to your face with a every sweet bite. This is what draws Alicia in and why baking and creating recipes brings her so much joy.


Alicia is able to use her creative background and understanding of color, shape, lighting and texture to arrange sweet bites in an attractive arrangement that draws the viewer in to an artistic plate.


With Captured Desserts you will see Alicia’s creative voice come to life. Not only does she want the food to look appetizing but she wants it to feel as if you are in the kitchen with her preparing,whisking, creaming and glazing every beautiful creation with her. Alicia believes dessert should be and has the power to bring ones together and she wants you to feel that way when you see her styled creations.


So please come along and enjoy the food stories of Captured Desserts the destination guide for pretty, dainty, home sweet home desserts.

Bon Appétit

Alicia Suggs.