Los Angeles

July 2018

I'm sure you will agree with me that everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie. I mean what's not to love. The warm cookie coming out the oven with the warm decadent chocolate just oozing out of the cookie. Plus with the crispy edge that I like to my cookies. But have you ever thought about making Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar? Why on earth would you do that was the question I asked myself. But then I got started to thinking that what if you ran out of brown sugar completely. Or you just have a little but not enough to fulfill the recipe. What

I was quite surprised when my friend brought me a Raspberry Cheesecake Cake. I couldn't think of where she possibly got it from. After way too many guesses she tells me it was STORE BOUGHT!!!! Like what??? I couldn't believe it. I exclaimed this has to be one of the best store bought desserts I've tried in awhile.   The Raspberry Cheesecake Cake had perfect layers of white cake with the raspberry cheesecake sandwiched in the middle. Plus the garnishing was absolutely beautiful. It was also super creamy with just the right amount of tartness. I was quite amazed. So if you love cheesecake and raspberries this delicious combo

As long as I can remember I’ve always had sweet potato pie in my life. I think every last cousin, uncle, aunty, mother and so on know how to make my families famous sweet potato pie recipe. Or as we like to say Blacks Folks Sweet Potato Pie Recipe. It’s so good. It rich and creamy and perfect especially when it’s still slightly warm. It just melts in your mouth. So I decided to interview my Grandmother because she always used to bake it for me when I was a kid and this is how I was introduced to this amazing sweet potato pie. Below you will