Los Angeles

June 2018

Cake Bar Ticklebelly Summer is officially here. Thank God. I was tired of this cold weather here in California. I mean we are the Sunshine State. So it was time to pick up some treats to beat the heat.   I had to do some shopping at the grocery store and I decided to head over to the dessert section of course. Like I don’t have enough sweets in my house already:).   The dessert section of the grocery store seems to be getting bigger and bigger. You have cookies, cakes, pastries, muffins, tarts, ice cream and the list goes on and on. But the Cake Bars really stood out

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? I said who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who me? Yes you, couldn't be, then who? I just loved that nursery rhythm from my childhood. And it made me think of the wonderful Oatmeal Cookie Recipe that I have.   When I was younger I would visit my dear Aunt Bertha and she lived in an old Victorian House that reminded me of the movie Psycho where I was always scared to venture into different rooms thinking something was going to jump out at me. But my imagination just ran wild and I’m sure it was all

The big question is SALTED VS. UNSALTED BUTTER . Butter is so important in baking; it adds flavor and richness but also a creamy texture. The difference between these two types of butter is simple you guessed it, salt. The unsalted butter does not have salt added, while the salted variety does. So since Salt is a preservative salted butter tends to lasts longer. However it can mask the freshness of butter or an odor. 🤢   “With enough butter anything is good” 👩‍🍳Julia Child. Primarily I choose to use UNSALTED BUTTER this way I can control the amount of salt in a recipe which is a primary importance to

Now I don’t like to brag and all but I think I might have landed on the Best Cinnamon Roll Recipe ever. Cinnamon rolls have my two most favorite things bread and cinnamon. No joke:) Even as a kid going to the local mall just smelling the scent of Cinnabons got me so excited that I could care less what dress I was about to buy. All I wanted was that Cinnamon Roll. Fast forward to now instead of spending my money on someone else’s cinnamon rolls I decided to make my own. And man oh man I not sure if this was a good or bad

Learn How To Measure I know we have all been there where someone gives you a recipe and it’s written in “approximates”. Ugh 😑 I know. Such as: “Add about a pinch of this. Or Approximately add 1 cup of sugar.” Like is it 1 cup of Sugar or not!!! It’s so frustrating. As you know for a pastry chef, an at home baker or even a hobby cake decorator measuring ingredients carefully is a must. Actually weighing your ingredients is almost the most important thing when it comes to baking. I suggest weighing your ingredients with an electronic scale or a weight scale for more

Eat Seasonal June Fruits Can you believe it's June already. Summer is finally here and I'm super excited about it. June is my favorite month. It's picnic season, beach season and time for some yummy seasonal desserts.     I have already been busy baking up a storm and it's just the first part of June and I'm loving every minute of it. But as I promised I want to give you a guide for what's in season for June so you are not wasting your time on unripe fruit. Annoying I know. Below then is your cheat sheet for Seasonal June Fruits. Apricots Boysenberries Olallieberries Cherries Grapefruit Grapes Lemons Cantaloupe Honeydew